Small businesses in New Zealand need our support now more than ever. Decisions by all of us — such as whether to buy new shoes from an overseas website or in a local shop, or whether to holiday in Bali or our own beautiful backyard — might mean the difference between Kiwi businesses surviving the next few years, or not. 

Eating, shopping, socialising, holidaying, giving, listening to music… All of Aotearoa wins when you keep it local. If you spend a dollar with a local Kiwi business, that dollar eventually comes back to you and makes us all strong. 



Download these free posters, print them, and stick ‘em up everywhere: at work, at home, at school, in your local dairy and shops… spread the word! They’re free and you’re 100% welcome to use them anywhere you like… no need to ask.


Head to your favourite local business — such as your café, hairdresser, dairy, fish 'n' chip shop, pizza joint, pub, or store — and post a video on socials telling New Zealand why you love it. Use the #yeahlocalnz hashtag and nominate five friends to do the same!
Get involved and support the local heroes in your community — the small business owners and staff who are the lifeblood of the New Zealand economy.
Shop! Local

It’s a tough time for retail and so it’s more important than ever to support local shops and retailers. Hold fire before taking fashion advice from an ASOS algorithm, and head into a real shop to talk with a real person instead. You'll feel better, and probably look better too (yes, that jacket looks great on you 😉).

Eat & Drink! Local

Hospitality businesses in New Zealand rely on legends like you, and they’ve had many weeks of no you. Everyone misses you, so get amongst… eat and drink at your local restaurant, café, pub and bar. And remember, if you do takeaways: go straight to the source and avoid services like Uber Eats which take a big cut.

Explore! Local

Almost 4 million people visit New Zealand every year and there’s a reason why they come… turns out our country is pretty much the most beautiful place on earth. Now’s your chance to explore it all! Don’t plan your fifth trip to Bali next year — instead, do five epic trips within these beautiful islands we inhabit. New Zealand’s economy relies on tourism, so let’s be champions and get out there and explore Godzone.

Watch! Local

Netflix in bed is all good from time to time but nothing beats the big screen or the theatre stage for entertainment. When’s the last time you went to your local museum or art gallery? And when club sports start again, why not head down to the park and cheer on your local team? Arts, culture, and sports have all taken a big hit, so get out there and show them you care.

Listen! Local

Aotearoa is so lucky to have some of the world’s most talented musicians right here in our backyard. In the age of music streaming, artists rely on live gigs for their revenue more than ever before, and most of them haven’t been able to do gigs for weeks. Now’s the time to support local New Zealand musicians and donate to the ones you love and listen to (for basically free) all the time. Hunt out their pages on Bandcamp, or reach out to them personally to donate directly.

Give! Local

Sadly, the loss of jobs and the failure of businesses will cause a lot of economic hardship for New Zealand’s most vulnerable people. There are amazing charities and organisations looking after these people, and they rely on our support to fund them. Now is the time to ensure all Kiwis make it through the years ahead in good health. Let’s look after our countrymen and women and donate to the great charities ensuring no one is left behind.


Get yourself a tee, grab yourself some stickers, spread the message far and wide. All proceeds from sales go towards running the YEAH! Local campaign.

YEAH! Local Grey Tee


YEAH! Local Yellow Stripes Tee


YEAH! Local Bumper Sticker


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“We’re not
but we can
make posters”

YEAH! LOCAL is basically a massive nationwide marketing campaign for all the small businesses out there who don’t have the time or resources to put one together. This campaign is all about using the tools we have to raise awareness about the importance of spending locally to support our economy. As a small business ourselves, we know how scary the next few months and years can seem, but if we all support one another, we can pull through.

Cheers (on behalf of New Zealand small businesses) for your support!
Mark & Adrien

Adrien Taylor and Mark Townshend - The creators of YEAH LOCAL


We couldn’t make YEAH! LOCAL what it is without these absolute legends. These businesses have provided enormous amounts of time and energy to make this campaign a success, so please please support them. We’re still on the hunt for amazing businesses, organisations, and people to help spread the word, so if you’re keen to partner with us, please drop us a line.